China’s Sinovac vaccine produces ten times less antibodies than Pfizer

More and more countries questioned the effectiveness of China’s inactivated vaccines. A study in Hong Kong with more than 1,000 patients shows that the Coronavac vaccine, developed by the Chinese lab Sinovac, produces ten times less antibodies than the vaccine developed by BioNTech and manufactured by Pfizer. In recent months, several countries that have massively immunized their populations with Chinese inactivated viral vaccines have faced large waves of the epidemic. On the other hand, these vaccines appear to be effective enough to prevent severe forms of Covid-19.

This comparison between the two vaccines available in Hong Kong was carried out by researchers at the University of Hong Kong on 1,442 healthcare workers who received two doses of the vaccines. Published in a medical journal Lanceolate microbeOn July 15, the article indicates that the amount of antibodies is not enough to assess the level of immunity provided by the vaccine, but that “The differences in neutralizing antibody concentrations found in our study could lead to significant differences in vaccine efficacy.”… The researchers add that patients treated with Coronavac show similar antibody levels to patients who contracted Covid-19 and recovered.

This further strengthens the evidence for the particularly high efficacy of messenger RNA vaccines compared to traditional technologies such as inactivated viruses. However, the latter have advantages: they can be stored in simple refrigerators when the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine requires a temperature of minus 70 degrees for storage for more than a month, which is an obstacle to its introduction in many developing countries.

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In recent months, several countries have seen significant waves of infection despite high vaccination rates: this is especially the case for the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Mongolia, Chile and Uruguay, which have mostly vaccinated their populations with Sinovac and Sinopharm injections. , two major Chinese manufacturers, both of which use inactivated virus technology. Each time, mortality is more likely to concern the unvaccinated, but the spread of the virus seems to be faster than in countries widely vaccinated with an RNA messenger solution, such as in Israel, which introduced the BioNTech vaccine to its population.

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