Chinese military secrets leaked to video game forum

— Andrey Degtyarev /

Chinese military secrets released? In any case, this is what a Chinese player would post on a video game forum. Explanations.

This is classified military information shared by a Chinese player on the forum for the tank video game War Thunder. But why ? According to Kotaku, he did this not for the purpose of international espionage, but to force the developers to change the characteristics of tanks in the game.

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“Our community managers immediately banned the user and deleted their post,” forum moderators told Kotaku. “Posting classified information about any vehicle of any nation on the War Thunder forums is strictly prohibited, and game developers never use it in their work. »

Surprisingly, this is at least the third time such an event has taken place. For example, last year on the same forum, a player posted a manual for a British military tank. His purpose? Get the British Ministry of Defense to intervene. A few months later, another player shared a schematic of a French tank.

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