Chivalry 2 test Live my life as a beggar!

Water has flowed under the bridges since leaving Chivalry on PC in 2012, opus which had found its public by proposing to fight in the manner of our ancestors in the filthy era of the Middle Ages. It is in the year of grace 2021 of June 8 that Chivalry 2, a game developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver, has decided to stick it out. And it is therefore quite natural that your squire hastened to test this episode to see if he was the worthy successor of his elder brother. So we put on our helm and our beautiful chainmail and let’s go.


Chivalry 2 It allows you to to take part in the war between The Kingdom of Agatha and The Mason Order. Two camps that everything opposes, even going as far as the color of the outfit, that is to say! This completely devoid of interest context serves as a playground and a pretext to slay the enemies who will have the misfortune to appear in your path. The title is presented as an FPS or TPS (depending on your choice of camera) played exclusively online. Let us immediately reassure our novice readers who would be afraid to launch themselves directly into the battle, a tutorial is offered to you from the start. This one is optional but we highly recommend that you do it, as it will be of great help to you in practicing the basics of combat.

This resolutely arcade-oriented gameplay also has its share of small subtleties

Indeed, Chivalry 2 offer you a whole range of movements to master, basic hits first (horizontal hit, vertical hit, thrust hit), which can be charged in order to do more damage or break your enemies’ guard. Added to this is the possibility of dashing to speed up your opponent, the front-kick to destabilize, and tackle to send them to the ground … This resolutely arcade-oriented gameplay also has its share of small subtleties which will require a certain time of adaptation to be assimilated like the parry, or even the counter attack which allows you to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Yes, Chivalry 2 offers an appreciable depth of play, thus allowing to vary the approaches during the combat.

Chivalry 2 test

To put all this into practice, you will then have to choose between 4 character classes (Knight, Archer, Man-at-Arms and Vanguard), all equipped with 3 subclasses with useful specs on the battlefield that you will unlock with your XP points earned the hard way (heal teammates, throw flaming bombs, etc.). These classes will allow you to find your fighting style and there is something for everyone (melee, liveliness, ranged attack), of course you will be able to switch along the way. To note that you can fully customize your avatar (outfit, face, weapons) via a fairly complete creation menu, but of course it is not free and you will therefore have to spend your earned money during your parties or go through the microtransactions box …


Chivalry 2 test

But where the title stands out from its competition, it is in its moments of fun born of your capacity for improvisation and the ubiquitous sequences shared with your comrades in arms. Indeed, it is possible to pick up all kinds of things on the battlefield that you can use to kill or humiliate your enemies. This ranges from a simple shield to an ax, including a barrel, a fresh fish or a loaf of bread that you can throw at your opponents’ face.
It is also not uncommon to see one of your allies putting a peach in a toilet placed in the middle of the battlefield. and shouting insults of all kinds to motivate the troops, or even sometimes observe soldiers cutting through the air by acting as projectiles, literally catapulted by siege engines posted at the other end of the map.

Moreover it is important to note that the experience becomes much more interesting when playing with friends or with mates equipped with a microphone. In addition to the fun moments it provides, it also allows you to develop various strategies to emerge victorious in your skirmish. Because if Chivalry 2 can be very funny, it is also sometimes very frustrating. We want proof our little comrades who have no interest in the objectives and who seem to be only there to do a real butchery. As a result, be prepared to feel helpless in some battles as you see your enemies relentlessly swooping towards their targets.

The technical realization is also at the rendezvous

Chivalry 2 test

So let’s talk about game modes which are 3 in number (mixed 64 players, mixed 40 players, one against all). Yes I know it’s weird but understand by that you basically choose how much you want to fight for, and then the game decides the objective and the battlefield. In general, you play as the attacker or the defender and must hold or progress towards a specific objective within the time allotted to you. (kill a duke, burn a village, free prisoners, escort a target, loot an area). Everything is quite varied. And to do this, the first will be able to count on the elements of scenery scattered on the map to help them (catapults, rams, ladders, siege towers) as for the second, they defend as best they can using the ramparts, traps and others. defense devices to swing the face of their attackers a number of objects in order to slow down their progress.


Chivalry 2 test

The theater of this fist is also very successful, and the 8 cards offered (medieval castle with its moats and alleys, gladiator’s arena filled with traps, peasant village, coastal area …) are all introduced by a small staging that has the gift of putting you in the direct atmosphere. In terms of level design, they are varied and quite open, however you will not be able to go where you want and the game will offer you certain death if you decide to stray too far from your goal.

The technical achievement is also at the rendezvous. Besides the fact that Chivalry 2 remains fluid in all circumstances (even if you have to deal with a few bugs), the textures are neat, the lighting effects are clean, the decorations bear the scars of your assaults and gradually become stained with the blood of your victims. Yes the game is violent, and it is not uncommon to see heads, limbs flying, or a friend being impaled by a ballista arrow. In short, you will understand, the rendering is rather bluffing and we are very quickly imbued with this climate of war, and we find ourselves shouting or haranguing our comrades during the assaults thanks to a key specially designed for this purpose. The result is truly exhilarating.

It is possible to pick up all kinds of things from the battlefield which you can use to kill or humiliate your enemies

Chivalry 2 test

The sound design is not to be outdone and is consistent with the whole by carefully transcribing the permanent hubbub of the battlefield. The heroic music that is triggered at certain key moments also has their small effect. The only downside to this pretty picture, the dialogues which are only available in English with subtitles. It’s a shame because it would have been nice to hear insults bursting out in the good dialect of the time. (forced to shout vocals …)

Note also that despite the undeniable pleasure that the game provides, he tends to be stingy in content. If the objectives in combat are varied, it must be recognized that for the moment the choice is meager between the conquest mode and the only mode against all, we find ourselves having quickly made the turn and the 8 maps proposed that finally come back repeatedly by always proposing the same diagram. But there is no doubt that the developers are aware of this pitfall and that updates will bring variety to this Chivalry 2.


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