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At a time when we are more and more connected and spend many hours on the Internet, installing an antivirus on your device has become almost mandatory. But now, with an almost saturated market, where offers are only multiplying, choosing the right solution is not always easy. In this guide, you will find all our tips and tricks for choosing an antivirus that will keep you safe and secure.

malwaretrojans, viruses, ransomwarerootkits, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware… our computers and devices connected to them are exposed to more and more every day malware. Recent computer attacks on public services, all economic players in France, marketplaces and even social networks only demonstrate the magnitude of the phenomenon.

We remember in particular the city of Angers, which suddenly lost control of its IT department. And judging by the statistics, things are not going very well. Indeed, the quantitycomputer attacks as well as hacking attempts will only increase the crescendo. It must also be said that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict only further whets the appetite of hackers. From now on, they even attack humans.

Unfortunately, while Microsoft, Apple, and other giants of the tech universe say they can offer their devices enhanced protection against cyber attacks, The reality is different. In order to limit the risks as much as possible, to protect yourself has become real need. So, how to choose the right antivirus? Here is our guide.

Choose a free or paid antivirus?

Avast, McAfee, Panda Free, Avira Free, Microsoft Defender… Today, there are many free antiviruses, full of Main characteristics to protect your device from a range of malware and other threats. And this without compromising the performance of your PC.

In addition, these antivirus solutions offer an up-to-date virus database identical to their paid version. Some may even benefit from proprietary security technology that allows them to automatically receive intelligence on emerging threats. This provides optimal protection against a wide range of online threats.

On the other hand, it must be admitted that even if free software always strives to be more efficient and effective, it only protects your device from classic viruses. In particular, by blocking dangerous files and applications or alerting you to suspicious websites.

Thus, protection remains partial and may severely lacking in strength in certain cases. Moreover, as an antivirus, they only neutralize viruses. And, of course, you don’t have access to more advanced features, which most often include protection against other types of threats. Not to mention update ads and pop-ups that can become overwhelming very quickly.

The advantage of paid solutions is not only that they are super-complete. But they protect your device actively as well as not only reactive. Actually, paid antivirus not only blocks dangerous files, applications and programs, but also thoroughly scans and monitors their behavior to prevent infection before it occurs.

In addition, most paid subscriptions allow you to protect multiple devices at the same time (computer or mobile). To benefit from much more secure solution and more advanced features, so it is better to choose a paid antivirus.

Choosing an antivirus: the level of protection

Generally speaking, most antiviruses are capable of scanning every corner of your car. Starting with files and applications. When scanned, they are able to detect anomalies and detect the presence of malware. However, the best software provides a higher level of protection due to advanced detection system.

In order to choose an antivirus that meets all your requirements in terms of security, you will need to check if the solution offers the following features:

  • Virus database hosted in clouds which allows the software to recognize by comparison
  • A sandbox that runs suspicious programs in a secure third-party space.
  • Heuristic analysis to detect unknown viruses
  • Quarantine or destroy corrupted files
  • L’machine learning
  • Blocking access to fraudulent URLs
  • Exploit Neutralization
  • Parental controls to avoid inappropriate content

Features not to be overlooked

In addition to the level of protection, other parameters should be considered when choosing the perfect antivirus for your devices. Know :

Detection level

Good antivirus software should be able to detect at least 95% malware to be able to offer you maximum protection against the latest attacks. And, of course, you will need to make sure that the solution you choose does not cause false positives.

Your System Performance

A good antivirus solution should be as easy as possible to does not affect performance your device. Of course, it must remain effective during active scanning. And especially during background scanning.

Internet and email protection

At a time when we spend a lot of time on the Internet and use our mailboxes daily, the chosen security program should offer us maximum online security. Thus, before choosing an antivirus, it is recommended to check if it can automatically analyze attachments in emails before they are opened and websites before they are downloaded.


The antivirus you are going to choose must be easy to handle as well as tune. This saves you the hassle of spending hours learning how your new solution works and how to use it properly.

Top 3 Best Antivirus 2022

There are more than a dozen antivirus software providers on the market today. Thus, choosing the right antivirus becomes a real obstacle course, especially since the quantity and quality of the services offered can vary significantly from one offer to another. If you don’t have time to compare, here are the top 3 best antiviruses of 2022:


Considered one of the best paid antiviruses, Kaspersky still sets the standard for malware protection. The protection offered by this package isamazing efficiency thanks to its undeniably strong foundation. Not to mention its rich, up-to-date and effective features to overcome all threats. And this without compromising the performance of your machine. In addition, the solution offers a well-designed interface that is a pleasure to use.

Please note that Kaspersky Lab provides its users with complete solution for administration all devices.

Norton 360

Supporting multiple devices, easy to use and powerful, Nortan 360 remains one of the best all-in-one solutions to protect all your devices from online threats.

And the package has continued to evolve over the years to provide high level protection without affecting machine performance. Norton 360 also stands out for its Unlimited VPN to mask your IP address and function dark web monitoring.

Ergonomically, the solution offers a familiar and easy-to-use interface.


Like Kaspersky, Bitdefender offers its users uncompromising efficiency. The solution is able to detect and block any threats coming from the Internet.

No false positives, no significant impact on machine performance, user-friendly interface as well as ergonomic, ease of use, consistency of the multi-platform offer, efficient functionality… The software is impeccable in every way.

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