Chrome 88: Google relies on password security

Following the release of Chrome 88 this week, Google announced a slew of new browser password protection features, which will begin to roll out in the coming weeks.

Chrome 88 includes a new feature to quickly check if a password is weak or compromised, and how to fix the problem. There is now a key icon, when you click on your Google profile avatar, which you just need to click to check if your passwords are weak.

Also in Chrome 88, users can manage and change all of their passwords from Chrome settings, on desktop and iOS versions – Google plans to integrate this feature into the Android app soon. The goal is to make it easy to change saved passwords in one place, so users don’t have to rely solely on Chrome prompts each time they log into a website.

Security checks

Thanks to the “Security Check”, which alerts Chrome users to any compromised credentials, Google claims to have seen a 37% reduction in credentials stored in compromised Chrome. In addition, Chrome’s security check is used 14 million times a week, according to Google.

Last year, Google made it possible for iOS users to use auto-complete passwords saved in Chrome in other apps and browsers. This feature represents three million connections per week on iOS applications.

Also last year, on iOS, biometric authentication became possible for this autofill feature. Google plans to add this additional protection to Android soon. Before you can use it, iOS users must use Touch ID, Face ID, or enter their passcode.

Password management features with Chrome 88 will roll out in the coming weeks, according to Google.

No more Flash, no more FTP

Chrome 88, released earlier this week, is the first version of Chrome not to include Adobe Flash Player. Flash reached end of life in December 2020. Mozilla, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all dropped support for Flash in their respective browsers. Support for FTP was also disabled in Chrome 88, which now also blocks downloading of HTTP files from HTTPS web pages.

Chrome 88 also has an experimental search function in all tabs. This service works via a pop-up window which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow pointing down, on the top bar (near the buttons to minimize to icon, maximize and exit the page). To test the tab search, go to chrome: // flags /, find “Enable Tab Search” and then select “Enabled”.

You can also try your hand at Chrome’s “Dark Mode”. This is also an experimental feature that allows the white backgrounds of websites to be changed to black. To activate it, go to chrome: // flags /, search for “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” and then select “Enabled”.

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