Chronopost and ILLUIN Technology: artificial intelligence at the service of deliveries

Chronopost has announced its entry into the capital of ILLUIN Technology, designer of innovative projects around artificial intelligence. This 5% stake is part of the close collaboration that may exist between the two companies. After having designed two AI systems together, Chronopost’s arrival in ILLUIN Technology’s capital aims to develop new technological projects.

Close collaboration with the aim of: exploiting artificial intelligence

The partnership between ILLUIN Technology and Chronopost is the result of close collaboration. The two French companies have in fact already worked together to create two platforms using artificial intelligence to promote certain sectors of Chronopost’s activity:

  • The chatbot Leonardo allows most user requests to be managed online and directs them to one of the 60 possible delivery scenarios. This application is available via Rich Communication Services (RCS), Messenger, Google Assistant or even thanks to Chronopost’s Interactive Voice Server (IVR). The company specifies that the chatbot has reduced contacts to customer service by 10%. The advantage also lies in the fact that Leonardo works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, unlike customer service.
  • The application PhotoConfirm results from the design of an image analysis algorithm. This is an internal Chronopost tool that guarantees the smooth running of parcel deliveries in the event of disputes. Around 40,000 photos are sent by delivery people and managed by the application. ILLUIN Technology has developed a set of deep learning and computer vision models capable of operating in real time to analyze, in strict compliance with GDPR regulations, the delivery photos so that the application detects the packages on the images, categorizes a delivery as successful or not, detects deliveries that do not comply with the information provided by the deliverers, etc.

New innovative perspectives thanks to artificial intelligence

Thanks to these previous achievements, ILLUIN Technology is well acquainted with the world of parcel transport and delivery. The company is now seeking to design new solutions adapted to Chronopost’s strategic challenges. Benoît Frette, Managing Director, in charge of Operations and Customer Relations at Chronopost comments on the contribution of ILLUIN Technology in the design of Leonardo :

“One of the main key success factors of the Léonard project was ILLUIN Technology’s ability to provide excellent engineers to industrialize the solution after their data scientists developed the core of the chatbot. It is thanks to the fluid handover between these two poles of expertise, and to the efficiency of the developers then, that we were able to deploy quickly Leonardo in 5 countries and on multiple channels until it becomes a real reference tool internally. ”

Among the projects linking the two companies, we find the desire to integrate into the chatbot Lenoard, new NLP technologies to optimize its ability to understand users. In addition to the platforms already developed by ILLUIN Technology, the use of computer vision would be considered with a view to detecting non-standard packages liable to damage equipment in logistics hubs. The automated analysis of voice data from the company’s call centers will potentially be exploited, in strict compliance with GDPR regulations and for the purpose of improving customer service.

Robert Vesoul, CEO of ILLUIN Technology highlighted the motivations of his company within the framework of this merger:

“At ILLUIN Technology, all of our actions are motivated by the desire to have an impact on the trades and businesses of our clients. This is also the basis of our collaboration with Chronopost which, for its part, has important strategic and operational challenges to which the only effective and sustainable response is the concrete contribution of state-of-the-art technologies. ”

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