Cisco releases new tools for hybrid work

Working methods are changing with the advent of hybrid work, and work tools should do the same. That’s why companies like Cisco are introducing new hardware and software designed specifically for this way of working. This Thursday, Cisco officially unveiled the new Webex Room Bar as well as the new Cisco Video Phone.

Room Bar is designed for video conferencing at work, especially in small and medium-sized rooms. This feature looks like a small meeting room and uses the power of Webex AI to optimize audio and video quality by framing the people in the room well and automatically removing background noise.

This platform, which can prove to be very practical, is based on the observation that most employees do not like to make video calls at work using a simple laptop. According to a study by the company, conducted in conjunction with Dimensional Research, 95% of employees are tired of video and want key technologies at work to change. Webex collaboration device users reported 30% less frustration than laptop-only users.

Elimination of extraneous noise

With regard to the new Cisco Video Phone 8875, it is designed to allow those who work in isolated offices to enjoy high-quality audio and video during calls. Since the device is focused only on communication, there is no need to struggle to conserve battery power or other laptop resources.

When a user sits at a table with a video phone, they can use the QR code to sign in to their Webex account and make calls or join meetings. The device uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce background noise, and its screen has a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Cisco is also improving its Webex Calling cloud product so that users don’t have to worry about dropped calls even in the event of a network outage or bandwidth issue. Companies using Webex Calling will be able to deploy site failover through Webex Control Hub to ensure they can make and receive calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) during a network outage.

Webex Calling also adds AI-based background noise suppression technology for PSTN calls with external callers. This means users can eliminate background noise from an external caller with one click on the Webex app or on supported devices.

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