Civil servants are not going to start 100% personal work again: 37 million euros per year saved through telework

The federal government could save up to € 37 million a year by 2028 through telecommuting and new working methods, La Libre Belgique and De Standaard said Tuesday.

According to the results of the first audit of the organization of work in the federal state, the government can work with fewer offices, but with better quality offices. The joint work on this file between Secretary of State de Blecker, Minister of Civil Service Petra de Sutter (Groen) and Secretary of State in charge of construction management, Mathieu Michel (MR), shows that, provided the necessary investment is achieved, the federal government can save a lot of money in Brussels region.

These savings are estimated at 37 million euros per year by 2028 through the use of teleworking and a new way of working (NWOW, for news ways of working).

42% fewer workstations

Two days of telecommuting and well-equipped offices translate into 42 physical job losses per 100 employees, according to a study of government employees.

Thus, the federal government could use 204,000 m² less office space by 2028 and 35,000 m² less by 2042. Annual savings will be offset by a one-time investment.

However, these costs can be recovered over several years through the termination of existing leases and savings in energy costs.

Reflection is only relevant for Brussels at the moment

However, these savings only apply to Brussels. “Because other regions have not yet participated in this cost review.”– clarifies Bavo De Mol, advisor to Eva De Bliker. “In Brussels you already have more services and you have more opportunities to place them somewhere together.”, he adds.

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