Civilization VI: The Ethiopia pack will be available next week

Launched four years ago now, Civilization VI continues to delight thousands of players every month, a commitment that Firaxis wants to extend as much as possible. The American studio announced to us a few weeks ago the sale of a new set of content, the New Frontier Pass.

After the Maya and Colombia pack launched in May, the developers are now ready to launch their second additional content, the Ethiopia pack. As promised, the latter will bring Ethiopian civilization, its leader, a new district and additional buildings. An unprecedented game mode called Secret Societies is also on the program. If you activate it, four secret societies will be added to your game, you will have to discover them to unlock powerful governors and generate alliances with other players. Everything will be so available from July 23 for owners of the New Frontier Pass or separately for the price of € 4.99.

Civilization VI details the additions to the June 25, 2020 update

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