Clid the Snail Review for PlayStation 4 and 5

Who said that snails are kind and peaceful beings? In our Clid the Snail review, we showed you that this is not always the case.

The PlayStation Talents initiative has been giving the opportunity to small Spanish studios on the independent scene for some years now. Thanks to this project we were able to benefit from interesting works such as Submersed, Treasure Rangers or Effie among others. Today we present our Clid l’escargot Analysis, a new title born thanks to this quality label.

The small team at Weird Beluga Studio presents their first work created under the aegis of Sony and published by Koch Media. We are talking about a Top Down Shooter with a very original artistic design, in which we will also have enough space for exploration and the strange puzzle to solve. An interesting mix that leaves us with a good title, which is not without minor flaws, but it is forgivable.

The disappearance of humanity

The plot places us in a distant future, in which humanity has become extinct for unknown reasons. On the contrary, animals and insects have survived and evolved, forming different factions and citadels for their own species. Beetles, rabbits, grasshoppers, moles … All races have their place.

We control Clid, a somewhat eccentric snail who is accompanied by Belu, a firefly that he rescued long ago. The young man is dedicated to exploring outside the walls of his camp, and incidentally to exterminate the amount of slugs he finds on his way. The bad thing is that because of this, his peers end up evicting him from his home, fearing future reprisals. Our protagonist, therefore, has no choice but to pack his bags and find his place in the world.

Poor Clid is driven out of his village for his forays abroad.

During his journey, he finally finds a new family among a group of marginalized people like himself, who have formed their own community, called Alastor. This community is made up of a shy hedgehog that makes weapons, a shaman turtle, a mute bat, a ninja frog and a chameleon who is the head of the place. Clid joins them, helping them in the missions entrusted to them by other citadels, and with which, in addition to money, they try to earn the respect and acceptance of other companies.

As you can see, although we are talking about an action title with a futuristic theme, it deals with important issues such as discrimination and social exclusion. Something that unfortunately continues today. The good thing is that the fiction component is not overlooked either, with a story that hooks and holds some surprises. Of course, unfortunately these are quite predictable and as soon as we are attentive we will imagine them immediately.

Clid finds a new family in other outcasts like him

Clid, the warrior snail

Already at the controls, we find ourselves in front of a double lever shooter with a top view like Helldivers, Enter the Gungeon or Dead Nation for example. But unlike these, the pace is less hectic and the exploration component carries more weight. If to that we add some puzzles at specific moments and small role-playing touches, we have enough variety so that the adventure does not become repetitive.

After the fight, our protagonist relies mainly on a homemade weapon to defend himself. It fires a kind of energy beam that we can even charge to do more damage. But this is not the only thing that we will have during the adventure to solve our confrontations.

Analyze Clid the Snail Morti will provide us with the necessary equipment for our missions.

With time and money, we can buy new Hedgehog Morti weapons at our base. We will also have a lot of variety, being able to choose between shotguns, flamethrowers, grenades, turrets or mines, for example. In total, we have a fairly large arsenal.

And to that we must add the different shells that Clid has. These act as an ultimate ability, having to recharge while we play. One of them, for example, surrounds us with huge ice shards that damage enemies, another unleashes blasts of energy, and we even have the one that unleashes a torrent of missiles. Of course, to unlock them we must first find fruits from the Ralar tree. This brings us to the next point, exploration.

Analyze Clid the Snail The different seashells will save our lives on more than one occasion

Taking out the horns to the sun

Despite the fact that the game is essentially linear, the different scenarios are quite wide and with several paths and corners to look for. This will be really useful, since the locations hide juicy secrets such as the aforementioned seeds, chests with money or fragments that will allow us to expand our life bar. Come on, you better not leave any corner without inspecting.

In addition, its artistic design is very inspired, so we will find many details scattered around the map that tell us about the past of the world. SD cards, compact discs, cell phones, skulls from “Los Gigantes” (the name by which humans are known) … The scenes are full of these types of elements.

Analyze Clid the Snail The amount of details from the past is constant.

As for the gameplay, this is perhaps the point where Clid the Snail fails the most. And we have one of lime and another of sand. On the one hand, as a good double stick shooter, shooting is quite fun and also forces us to make good use of our varied arsenal if we are to survive. The problem is that sometimes the difficulty is a bit unfair.

And it is that despite the aforementioned great artistic conception, it is technically that the seams of the work of Weird Beluga Studio are noticeable. The scenes are quite gray, so it sometimes takes a while to see where the enemies are coming from. Also, when they’re up high, we can’t shoot them, while they can shoot us. But without a doubt, the worst of all is in the confrontations against the different bosses.

Analyze Clid the Snail The patterns offer one of lime and one of sand

Its difficulty goes up a bit compared to the rest of the game, which is not necessarily bad. The problem is that, in some cases, when we die fighting them, we may have to rehearse part of the story before facing them again. In addition, some have more than one combat phase, so we will also have to overcome it again. Therefore, these times can be somewhat tedious.

Graphics and sound

Another somewhat negative point of the technical section is that the refresh rate suffers on more than one occasion from specific drops. It is not something that spoils the experience, but being not particularly a marvel in terms of graphics, and having played it on a PlayStation 5, its performance should be better, even without having a specific version for the new Sony console.

On the other hand, its sound section also has lights and shadows. Rock melodies with superb guitar riffs give way to softer, softer melodies that pass without pain or glory. Interestingly, the language of the game is made up for the occasion, with the additional work that this implies. Fortunately, the lyrics are in perfect Spanish, which allows us to enjoy the funny conversations, sometimes, that Clid has with Belu and the rest of the characters.

The scenarios have an interesting design, although technically they are not that elaborate


In conclusion, Weird Beluga Studio has produced a title that successfully mixes combat, puzzles, role-playing games, and exploration. It does not stand out in any of these points, but it does make the adventure varied. His artistic conception is very inspired, showing in the ruins of the old world a multitude of elements of our culture.

The downside is that you can technically see that the game needed a bit more time in the oven. Frames drops and scenes are somewhat blurry due to their gray tones, which appear to be purposely made to hide their flaws.

In short, we are facing an adventure that is worth playing. And even more so at its adjusted price of 19’99 euros that it has in the PS Store. To remove the horns from the sun, it has been said.

Let’s go!

Clid the Snail Analyze for PlayStation 4 and 5 – Snail of Arms Shot


A fun title to consider, but one that needs a little more cooking. Despite its great variety thanks to the mixture of combat, exploration, puzzles and some role-playing games, it does not excel in any of these areas. Still, fans of the genre will find a game very entertaining and with more work it can lay the foundations for a new saga.

We like

Clid is too charismatic for a snail

Its artistic design is impressive.

Combination of combat, exploration, RPGs and puzzles gives you enough variety

To improve

Unfair difficulty on some occasions

Some drops in refresh rate, although that doesn’t spoil the experience

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