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Several hundred young people took to the sidewalk on Sunday in Paris demanding a suspension of advertising, after a weekend of climate protests that mobilized little in France compared to the big 2019 pre-Covid marches.

The slogan of the Parisian march between the Panthéon and the Ministry of Economics on the call of Youth for Climate: “demand change in society and demand from our politicians a drastic reduction in advertising in the Île-de-France”.

The marches drew several hundred people on Friday in Paris and elsewhere at the behest of another organization (Fridays for Future), while other activists chose more offensive ways of doing things: blockades of TotalEnergies premises in Lyon by young people from Youth for Climate; the Attac blockade of Antibes’ billionaires’ waterfront on Saturday and the Le Bourget airport business terminal on Friday, with gunmen from Extinction Rebellion for the latter.

Youth for Climate Demonstration, 25 September 2022, Paris (AFP – Christophe ARCHAMBAULT)

“Advertising breeds overconsumption and therefore overexploitation of natural resources,” Abel Jeudon, 18, an activist with Youth for Climate, one of the organizations that emerged from a school strike started in 2018 by a young Swedish woman, explained on the spot. Greta Thunberg. : “time is running out, we must act quickly, radically and completely change direction, because we are going straight into the wall.”

“Growth is not synonymous with happiness,” the signs said.

“The IPCC report showed it well: the most unreliable people drink the most from climate change. And so we, the students, will be the first to be concerned,” said Imane Welhaj, President of the UNEF Student Union, during the procession.

Camille, 24, unemployed, NUPES contributor, “On environmental issues, we tend to send us multiple messages that small daily gestures will make a difference. We have the opposite message that we want to be heard: in fact, these are systems that we must fight together.”

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