Cloud: Arm deploys next-generation chips for data centers

Renowned chip designer Arm unveiled next-generation chip technology for data centers on Wednesday. Dubbed Neoverse V2 and codenamed “Demeter”, this new line of chips is designed to respond to the explosive growth of data coming from 5G and internet-connected gadgets. The Arm platform includes the new V-series core and CMN-700 interconnect.

Under the formula traditionally adopted by the British developer, Arm will create the core intellectual property for this new generation of chips, which other companies like Qualcomm or Apple can license to build their own processor chips. In particular, Arm notes that Nvidia’s latest Grace datacenter processor is built using the Neoverse V2 design. “Grace will combine V2 power efficiency with LPDDR5X memory power efficiency to deliver twice the performance per watt of traditional server architectures,” said Arm.

As a reminder, Arm does not manufacture its own chips. The company does not have its own production facilities. Instead, he licenses other companies he calls “partners.” They use the Arm architecture as a blueprint of sorts, building systems that use Arm cores as CPUs.

Many Samsung and Apple smartphones and tablets, and all devices with Qualcomm processors, use some of Arm’s intellectual property. However, if Arm technology is used in most mobile phones, it has made great strides in data center processors, which have long been dominated by Intel or AMD.

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