Cloud Transcribe v1.0.1 – Convert Speech to Text as PHP SaaS Script

Cloud Transcribe v1.0.1 – Convert Speech to Text as SaaS PHP Script Free Download. Cloud Transcribe allows you to transcribe audio to text in a variety of formats, allowing you to create transcripts of audiobooks, podcasts, voice content, recordings, support calls, and more in a simple and efficient way. With over 170 languages ​​and dialects, you can convert speech to text quickly and accurately.

Main characteristics

  • 170+ languages
  • Monthly Subscription Plan
  • Live transcription
  • Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Integration
  • GCP Instant Start
  • Affiliate/Referral Management
  • Edit Current Results
  • Multiple audio formats (MP3, OGG, WAV, WEBM, MP4, FLAC)
  • Unlimited Audio
  • Responsive Design
  • coupons
  • 8+ payment gateways
  • SaaS system
  • and more

Download Cloud Transcribe Speech to Text as SaaS

Live demo: View demo

Download Cloud Transcription – Speech to Text for free as a SaaS PHP script from Berkine on Codecanyon’s premium speech to text software.

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