CloudPunk: A first-person view is under development

Available on PC since April 23, Cloudpunk offers players to dive into a narrative adventure, in a city full of neon lights, representative of the cyberpunk theme. However, despite good reception, part of the public regrets that the title is only playable in the third person.

An absence that seems about to be filled, if we are to believe a tweet from Marko Dieckmann, director of the studio Ion Lands. This one has indeed posted a short video, presenting CloudPunk in a first person view. This would allow you to browse Nivalis through the eyes of Rania, delivery driver and main character, and to discover a new perspective.

In a series of tweets posted in response to the reactions, Dieckmann explains that the current version of this feature makes it easy to switch from third person to first, and that it should “soon” be added to the game. Before that, we will have to find a way to adapt the behavior, very different depending on the view we play with.

Adding a first person camera in Cloudpunk. (…)

Cloudpunk ships to Steam


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