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Aujourd’hui, nous sommes le lundi 2 août, le 214e jour de 2021. Il reste 151 jours dans l’année.

Anniversaires: l’acteur Nehemiah Persoff a 102 ans. Rock musician Garth Hudson (Band) for 84 people. Singer Katie Lennon (Lennon Sisters) at 78 years old. L’actrice Joanna Cassidy is 76 years old. L’actrice Kathryn Harrold – 71 years old. L’acteur Butch Patrick (TV: “The Munstersâ ????”) 68 years old. Producer and rock musician Butch Vig (Garbage) for 66 years. Le sénateur Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., 64 ANS. Le chanteur Mojo Nixon a 64 ans. L’actrice Victoria Jackson for 62 hours, at L’actrice Apollonia for 62 hours. L’actrice Cynthia Stevenson 59 years old. L’actrice Mary-Louise Parker is 57 years old. Rock musician John Stanier 53 years old. L’écrivain-acteur-réalisateur Kevin Smith 51 people. Chanteuse Charli XCX for 29 years. L’actrice Hallie Eisenberg – 29 years old.

In 1610 he made a quatrième journey in Western man, the English explorer Henry Hudson and the Bad d’Hudson navigator.

En 1776, les members du deuxième congrès continental ont commencé à apposer leur signature sur la déclaration d’indépendance.

In 1862, an ambulance corps in the Potomac was created for the Major General George McClellan, a pendant of the Duke of the Secession.

In 1873, inventor Andrew S. Hallidi conducted a test with success in a television program that was created for the ville de San Francisco.

In 1921, the Chicago jury acquitted young members of the White Sox baseball team in Chicago and two of its founders who were involved in investigating the public crimes of the Black Sox ???? scandal. Le chanteur d’opéra Enrico Caruso, 48 years old, is located in Naples, Italy.

In 1922, Alexander Graham Bell, the general element known as the inventor of the telephone, was announced in New Zealand, Canada, at the age of 75.

1923, 29th President of National Universities, Warren G. Harding, San Francisco decree; Vice President Calvin Coolidge is President.

In 1934, President-President Paul von Hindenburg took part in the struggle for complete control of Adolf Hitler.

In 1939, Albert Einstein signed a letter about President Franklin D. Roosevelt, demanding the creation of a research program on nuclear weapons.

In 1945, President Harry S. Truman, the Soviet state conductor Joseph Stalin, and the new British Prime Minister Clement Attlee ended a conference in Potsdam.

In 1980, 85 people exploded in a train station in Bologna, Italy.

In 1985, 137 people at Delta Air Lines 191, in a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, were on board a plane at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

In 2011, the Senate was adopted and President Barack Obama was found guilty of being declared national without prior notice. Le joueur de premier but des Yankees de New York, Mark Teixeira, which became a great league record for deux côtés du marbre marks for 12e fois de sa carrière lors d’une victoire de 6-0 contre les white Sox de Chicago.

In 2016, President Barack Obama recalled Donald Trump “inappropriate ???? et “terrible without preparation” ???? pour servir à la Maison Blanche, et a défié les républicains de retirer leur soutien au candat de leur parti, déclarant “? ? Il doit arriver un moment où vous dites “Assez”. ?? une ????

In 2020, Lord & Taylor, le plus ancien détaillant américain, a new list of vent-a-repertoires detailing protection to protect against disruptions in life, as well as for the Vacillé la pandémie suspension. La côte est de la Floride is a frape by the forces of tropical islands, alors que les respables de l’État s’occupaient de l’aumentation des cas de coronavirus. Clôturant un vol d’essai de la société SpaceX d’Elon Musk, two NASA astronauts who announced the International Space Station with a new classic style so as not to miss a parachute capsule in a safe golf course.

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