CNED would have suffered attacks from Russia and China, investigators say

The investigation related to the malfunctions of the distance education platform “My class at home” is progressing and revealing new information. “There were real attacks, repeated several times“, according to the Central Office for the fight against crime linked to information and communication technologies (OCLCTIC) in charge of the investigations, cited by the JDD.

From China and Russia

These attacks “come from abroad, Russia and China“, adds the police source who immediately specifies that this does not mean that”the sponsors are Russian or Chinese“.

These revelations partly corroborate the comments made by Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports. He evoked “computer attacks apparently from abroad to prevent servers from functioning“.

DDoS attacks

The National Center for Distance Learning (CNED), manager of the teaching platform, had made a similar speech. He said in a press release dated April 7 that his site and platform “have been the subject of several DDoS attacks“Distributed denial of service” attacks consist of making a service unavailable or severely degrading its operation by saturating a request server.

For his part, Michel Reverchon-Billot, the director general of the CNED, says that around thirty attacks have been perpetrated “from Tuesday morning “.” We suffered from it every night, including Friday, from 1 am“, he adds. The malicious campaign slowed down from Friday, April 9. Indeed, nearly 1.6 million students and teachers were able to follow the courses remotely, or”around a quarter of middle and high school enrollment“.

Information to be taken with caution

The information revealed by the JDD should still be taken with great care. Indeed, the national police did not make any official communication. In addition, the geographic origin of a computer incident is only one indicator among others to attribute a cyberattack to a specific group. In addition, the first conclusions do not exclude that these dysfunctions were caused by several events.

Another element to take into account: the comments made by the Secretariat of Defense and National Security (SGDSN), a government body responsible for monitoring “cyber” threats. Solicited by Mediapart, he says for his part that no attack “coming from abroad “ and directed against CNED servers has not been identified.

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