Coca-Cola presents Real Magic

During a global digital press conference, Coca-Cola unveiled its new “Real Magic” platform, which invites you to celebrate the “magic of humanity.” A platform that hadn’t changed in five years. It also unveiled a new logo. Precisely a “Hug logo” – a tender logo – a visual signature of the contour bottle that hugs and unites. This “Hug Logo” will evolve over time with the creations (photographs, illustrations, artworks …) of Wieden + Kennedy London, KnownUnknown and Kenyon Weston.

A film “Just a Coca-Cola to get closer” imagined by Betc London and directed by Daniel Wolfe, with Mathematic, inaugurates this new era of Real Magic very World of warcraft.. Three players are organized: DJ Alan Walker, Aerial Powers of Team Liquid and Average Jonas. And it is Stéphane Xiberras, president, creative director of Betc Groupe and director of the Global Creative Council of Havas, who unveiled the new copy during the press conference explaining “beyond the game, it is competition, via e-sport, that we are talking to a new audience. “ A great connoisseur of the culture of the game, he admits his “illusion for having been able” to contribute to writing this new chapter of the myth of Coca-Cola. It will be broadcast on television from October 3 in France. Elodie Peribère, the new marketing director of Coca-Cola France, explains that “Real Magic signs a strategic renovation for Coca-Cola on three levels: new brand platform, new signature and new design. Real Magic will be our common thread for our next campaigns. ”


Real Magic was built on “the lessons of the last 18 months. The platform illustrates the many contradictions experienced lately, as the new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world” that we learn at the time of the conference. Clearly directed by the film: Young people through the culture of the game. “Since September 28, there are campaign teasers on Twitch,” Elodie continues. Péribère, “the platform attracts 18 million visitors a day!” In some markets, such as France, Coca-Cola will organize a code hunt, starting on October 10, where participants will have to decipher the codes hidden in the film to try to win prizes. Coca-Cola has partnered with Twitch to deliver the most Bits in the service with packages reaching 25,000 Bits. This virtual currency, which can be purchased on Twitch, provides the ability to incentivize and support streamers and unlock features (animated emoticons, badges, loot, etc.). Thanks to a partnership with Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studio (the interactive live streaming service), content creators will also share 10 additional codes during organized lives on their Twitch channels. “Young people expect something different from Coca-Cola than their elders,” Elodie specifies. Péribère, “we dedicate this film to them.”


“Coca-Cola is a brand defined by dichotomies: it is humble and iconic, it is authentic and secret at the same time, it is a brand anchored in reality and that never fails to bring magical moments” explained Manolo Arroyo, Marketing Director of The Coca -Cola Company. For Elodie Péribère, this firm marks a break in the history of Coca-Cola, “it is undoubtedly the first time that it presents an opposition between two words: reality and magic. Reality is the product, its distribution and its iconicity. The magic is by supposedly its secret formula and what it provokes as a catalyst for experiences. Perhaps this is the first time that we say who we really are. ”Finally, this new signature is not a court order or an invitation.

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