Coinhouse continues its European development by raising 40 million euros

Coinhouse, a French pioneer in crypto asset investment, has completed a €40 million funding round. Investors include ODDO BHF bank, investment funds True Global Ventures, Tioga Capital, XAnge Siparex Innovation, Raise Ventures, CF Partners, ConsenSys, Expon Capital, as well as several large families and French business leaders. This fundraising will help accelerate the development of the Coinhouse service offering for individuals and businesses in Europe.

Coinhouse has quadrupled its headcount in less than 2 years and is positioning itself as the first support platform for individuals and companies to simply invest around fifty crypto assets as well as savings management products.

Coinhouse stands out with its consumer mobile app and unique Crypto Private Banking service in Europe, offering a transparent service offering tailored to everyone:

  • A customer support service made up of cryptography experts, open to all, based in Paris, multilingual and available via email and telephone.
  • A team of managers and experts in working with corporate clients,
  • Unique cryptocurrency savings management products such as Crypto Booklet and Piloted Management,
  • Cryptocurrency custodian offer for institutional investors and large accounts.

At the same time, the French leader in crypto assets continues its strong growth, diversifying its service offering to meet the needs of new customers in this still developing market. Since the beginning of 2022, Coinhouse has opened up to the world of cryptocurrency payments and the needs of brands and merchants who are turning to Web3 (Internet based on decentralization and ownership).

As a digital asset service provider registered in France and Luxembourg, Coinhouse has supported more than 20 major French and international brands, allowing them to securely acquire and own land in the Metaverse or accept crypto payments immediately converted into euros to sell objects or NFTs, without the need to manage portfolio complexity or accounting for volatile assets.

This €40 million raise will allow Coinhouse to:

  • Develop its crypto asset management activities beyond existing products,
  • Make cryptocurrency payments accessible and intuitive for both individuals and companies,
  • Accelerate international expansion and explore opportunities for external growth,
  • Help advance Web3 by simplifying transactions and digital asset management.

“I am proud of our team and the progress made in 5 years. We have gone from 5 employees to over 100, from a cryptocurrency exchange operation, a subsidiary of Ledger, to an independent expansion that has raised a total of almost 50 million euros with renowned French and international investors, including a European bank. Traditional players in the financial world and capital investors are beginning to realize the huge potential of the crypto market, despite its cycles and upheavals associated with its innovative potential and its youth. The future of financial services, payments and Web3 will depend on the development of cryptocurrencies and therefore inevitably on players like Coinhouse making them accessible and convenient for everyone,” explains Nicolas Louvet, co-founder and CEO of Coinhouse.

Benoît Claverann, Director of Transformation and Development at ODDO BHF, says:
“We are excited about the idea of ​​supporting Coinhouse, the French flagship of the crypto asset ecosystem, in this new phase of their growth. We are convinced that blockchain technologies will change the contours of many industries, including the financial industry. »

Nicolas Priem, Managing Director and CIO of TIOGA, adds:

“We are excited to support Nicholas and the Coinhouse team in their growth plan. We believe that Coinhouse, with its “regulatory first” approach and expanded product portfolio, is uniquely positioned in Europe to facilitate the next wave of mass adoption of cryptoassets.”

Alexis Du Pelou, Partner at XAnge Siparex says:

“Now Coinhouse is on its way to becoming one of the European leaders through fundraising in a new dimension. Nicolas and his team are involved in the development of cryptocurrencies and will continue to be actively involved in their implementation »

Frank Desvines, partner at True Global Ventures, says:

“In the current market context, True Global Ventures is using the opportunity to reinvest in Coinhouse to accelerate the development of a crypto banking model in Europe focused on quality customer support and investment products targeting new customer segments, including family offices and businesses. »

About Coinhouse: Coinhouse is a Digital Asset Services Provider (PSAN), a leading player in France for investing in crypto assets for individuals and businesses. A French company established in 2015, Coinhouse offers management and transaction services for 50 crypto assets with a 1% commission on crypto-to-crypto exchanges and a multilingual customer service available to all European investors.

About Coinhouse Custody Services: Coinhouse Custody Services is a Digital Asset Management Services (PSAN) provider registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in France and the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) in Luxembourg, specializing in highly secure custody services for institutional, corporate and wealthy clients.

This text is a press release. Do your own research and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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