“Combatants”, “Wedding Season”, “Detox”, “Opera”… Tips for a series not to be missed in September.

A new French comedy from Netflix, Marilou Berry in the shoes of a charming judge for France 2, a sulphurous biopic of the Tyson legend on Disney +… What are the ideal shows to watch this fall? Le Figaro recommendations.

Detox: school sweets

From September 1 on Netflix.

This series is relevant to back to school, where sobriety (happy or not) and slow living are at the heart of the debate. Lea and Manon, cousins ​​in their thirties who live with a roommate, are set to separate. A month without a cell phone. It’s a challenge, hercules, they set themselves up one night at a very drunk party because they think they can reinvent themselves. One of them, Lea (still funny and touching Tiphen Daviot), sets out to win back the love of her life. The other, Manon (very beautiful in temperament Manon Azem), after an unpleasant noise on social networks, hopes to regain her dignity and become the singer she always dreamed of being. They meet at a certain time, like in the 90s, they need to navigate in Paris without Google Maps and, why not, without any nonsense, with open books. But nothing, of course, will go according to plan. Between a romantic comedy and a social critique of our little modern failings, this…

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