Complaint on Twitter: will the bird get hurt?


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Two months after being taken over by the Justice Department and U.S. regulators, ex-social media security chief Peter Zatko is due to testify before a Senate committee on Tuesday. Accusations that weaken the company even in its legal disputes with Elon Musk.

Are the areas of turbulence that mainstream social networks go through a matter of eternal renewal? Less than a year after testifying in the United States Senate before the Committee on Commerce, Frances Haugen, an engineer who left Facebook with tens of thousands of internal documents, is scheduled to meet another whistleblower. . Former Twitter security chief Peter Zatko is due to be heard by the Upper House Judiciary Committee after he arrested the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC, the agency responsible for human rights protection legislation) on July 6 consumers and competition) and the Department of Justice. In the 84-page document, Zatko, also known as “Mudge” in the small world of computer security, reports “extreme, egregious failures” on the part of Blue Bird. Submitted to Congress, his displeasure was revealed on Aug. 23 by CNN and…


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