Composite portrait of ideal goalkeeper Vito Mannone.

Arriving at AS Monaco in 2020, the 34-year-old Italian took pleasure in drawing up a portrait of his ideal goalkeeper based on several criteria. And that makes a doorman that can bring a cold sweat to any attacker.

He trained in Italy, then developed in England, USA, Denmark and then joined AS Monaco in 2020. Thus, at the age of 34, Vito Mannone has seen the country and gained solid experience. Having made two very good appearances this season in the Coupe de France against Lahn (4-2) and Amiens (2-0), the Italian goalkeeper has enough experience to profile his ideal goalkeeper. And we are not going to lie to each other, there is a level!

vintage selection

Since the goalkeeper must first prevent the ball from hitting the net, let’s start with a parry. And there Vito Mannone will (a little) delve into his memory: “I’m going to put in a goalkeeper that I really liked in the past, Julio Cesar, a former Inter Milan player and the Brazilian national team. In terms of reflexes, he really was the best goalkeeper! “. And if you need to keep the best face to face? “I would put Thibaut Courtois, who is very tall and covers most of the goal,” says the goalkeeper, who trained at Atalanta from Bergamo.

“On walks, Jens Lehmann was completely crazy! »

Walking past Arsenal, the club where he started his professional career, between 2005 and 2013, Vito Mannone was able to interact with what he says is a benchmark in aerial walks… a little bit off. “I trained and watched a lot of Jens Lehmann and on the weekend he was completely crazy but very strong! »

Ter Stegen and Gomes for promotion

The evolution of the position obliges, the importance of kicking for goalkeepers began to increase. “For me, the best is Marc-Andre ter Stegen,” our doorman announces. With his right or left foot, he is at the top, capable of both rising and lengthening. And when you have to lift with your hands, Vito again chooses the player who hung the crampons in the person of Ereulho Gomez, the former goalkeeper of PSV Eindhoven: “He could do a lift from 50 meters with his hand, it was amazing! I saw him do it, it was pretty crazy. »

Charisma, he likes italian

Apart from his technical qualities, footwork or trajectory reading, the goalkeeper is also a member of the team who must have maximum charisma, both to manage his defense and to influence his opponents. And in this game, when you are Italian, the debate about who is better does not last long: “Gianluigi Buffon! I’ve watched him all my life and he really has a lot of charisma and he was a great captain. It’s hard to argue with Vito.

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