Confirmed Windows 11 sign-in failure after update

Mysterious Windows 11 issues are back, this time in a stable version, just like with BitLocker. Some users will not be able to sign in after adding a new Microsoft account user to the operating system. The company shared the details of the error on the official Windows Health Dashboard website and explained how to fix it.

How to fix connection problems in Windows 11

According to Microsoft, users are briefly locked out after the first reboot or logout. The issue only occurs once and briefly on devices using a Microsoft account, and Active Directory domain users and Azure Active Directory accounts are not affected. Also, this only happens on systems running the Windows 11 21H2 client build.

Those who are having trouble signing in to their accounts on Windows 11 21H2 don’t need to do anything to resolve the issue. The operating system will allow users to log in after a few minutes, and Microsoft has fixed the issue with System Restore of Known Issues. The latter automatically rolls back problematic changes without requiring any action from the end user.

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently briefed Chilean Windows users on potential issues with Daylight Savings Time. The company says users should manually set the date and time to avoid issues with notifications, incorrect system time, and other issues. Fortunately, this error does not apply to customers outside of Chile.

So if you’re having trouble logging in after updating, please wait a few minutes. The problem must be resolved as soon as possible. Of course, there are no affected users, but we prefer to inform you just in case.

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