Conflict with TF1: Canal+ is not obliged to restore the band’s channels –

At the beginning of September, Canal+ stopped broadcasting 5 free channels of the TF1 group on its own proposal. DTT Satwhich serves almost 2 million households in hard-to-reach places. The decision did not please the executives of the Bouygues subsidiary, who decided to take the case to the court, which had just made its first ruling. decision in favor of an encrypted channel.

TF1 did not win

The commercial court of Paris, in which the case was considered, delivered its verdict on Thursday, September 22. It turned out that Canal+ did not no need to restore the signal on TF1 group channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, LCI and TF1 Séries Films) on TNT Sat.

In support of its decision, the court argues that the termination of the broadcast does not cause “neither unlawful interference nor imminent damage.” Moreover, as already mentionedArkom (the regulatory body for audiovisual and digital communications), no law obliges Canal+ to distribute the TF1 signal in its satellite offering.

TF1 is clearly not satisfied with the decision and indicates that it wants to appeal.

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