Conqueror’s Blade: Season III will be available on April 21

My.Games and Booming Games today unveil season 3 of Conqueror’s Blade. Titled Soldiers of Fortune, this update to the medieval conquest MMO will add a whole new class.

To get started, Conqueror’s Blade players will have access to five new seasonal units inspired by the Italian Renaissance, knowing that the Artillery will be part of the trip. Thus, the conquerors will have at their disposal:

  • The Crossbowmen Pavoiseurs (rank 5): They will have heavy shields and crossbows capable of piercing chain mail.
  • Les Piquiers Fortebracci (rank 4): They will represent a great threat to the opposing cavalry. Their name comes from Captain Mastino Fortebracci, presented as a legendary mercenary.
  • Les Condottières (rank 3): Balanced attackers and defenders. They are usually the first to charge and the last to retreat.
  • Artillery (rank 5): First unit of its kind. It will be equipped with cannons loaded with black powder capable of piercing the enemy ranks.
  • The Martellatori (rank 1): He can be recruited depending on Money or Sovereigns in the unit tree. They will be able to push siege engines and bear damage more easily.

Also, the developers take the opportunity to offer us a history of the warlords, arriving surrounded by their mercenaries:

With the arrival of the nomads of the steppes, certain occupied territories could be reconquered, and hidden treasures were given back to their just owners, while many nobles, formerly proud of their all-powerful, were forced into exile . These lords, fallen into disgrace, escaped with the little gold they could carry and went to the South to recruit an infamous band of soldiers armed to the teeth. No doubt their heavy weapons and gunpowder will avenge the nobles and restore their former glory. These mercenaries are on the way … and their judgment is about to befall these lands with all the force of a hammer on an anvil!

If we are talking about these warlords, it is not for nothing, since a new class, the eleventh, will arrive with the new season. Having a war mass, this class could be chosen by all characters. Warlord-to-warmass class available when reaching level 25 of the Battle Pass, without having to spend real money. Obviously, who says new season says new Battle Pass, with its share of challenges, units and cosmetic items to unlock.

Conqueror’s Blade: Season 3 Trailer


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