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After a two-year release of Round8’s Bless Unleashed on consoles, Neowiz announced that the servers would be shutting down at the end of November.

“We have been releasing Bless Unleashed in partnership with Round8 since 2020 and enjoy the time we have with our amazing players. Unfortunately, this time is coming to an end. Our agreement with Round8 has come to an end and we will no longer be able to support the game.”

Bless Unleashed is a relaunch of Bless Online. This closure will only affect the console versions, as the PC version was released last year in a separate deal. Starting September 1, it is no longer possible to buy Lumena currency in Microsoft and Sony stores. The cost of all items in the store has also been reduced to 1 lumen, so players have the option to use their currency and try out some of the items they may have never bought before.

The servers will be down at 11:00 AM PT on November 30th. The team says support will be provided through tickets and live chat until the end of the year if needed. In the remaining months, Grandmaster events will still be running until the servers close, so there is still plenty to do for those who remain active in the community….

Although there will be no more updates, some events will continue, and the number of items in the store will be reduced to zero, there is still time to buy the last souvenirs before the game ends.

Bless Unleashed will continue to be available on PC. This version, which also contains elements of the blockchain, has been released and relaunched under a new agreement within Valofe and will continue to receive updates.

To learn more about the PS4 and Xbox shutdown, check out the announcement on Bless Unleashed.

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