Consumer Protection: Google Commits to Compliance in Europe

To comply with European consumer protection regulations, which now require more transparency in the context When shopping online, Google has pledged to provide “clearer and more accurate information” about several of its services: Google Flights, Hotels, Store and Play Store. The European Commission announced this on 26 January.

These changes follow discussions started in 2021 with the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC), which is a network of national authorities responsible for enforcing EU consumer protection law. It is coordinated by the European Commission and led by the Dutch Consumer Protection Authority and the Directorate General of the Belgian Economic Inspectorate.

Geo-blocking actions

The goal is for consumers to understand, for example, whether they are buying goods directly to Google or another company or that they have information about the final amount due.

“EU consumers have the right to clear and comprehensive information so that they can make informed choices. The Google Commitment is a step in that direction. to the same content, wherever they are in the EU”Didier commented ReindersCommissioner of Justice, in a press release.

Google is currently “imposing technical restrictions on the use of applications that would otherwise be available in the country where the user is temporarily located.”

Same requirements as for

In particular, Google has committed to clearly state whether it is acting as an intermediary, indicate the reference price used when it is subject to a discount, indicate that opinions are not verified by Google Flights and Google Hotels. It must provide the same information, in particular availability and pricing, as other accommodation platforms such as Booking and Expedia.

For the Google Play Store and Google Store, it should clearly state shipping costs, right of withdrawal, repair or replacement options, and make it easy to obtain information about the companies referenced. It will also have to inform developers of the obligation to make their apps available throughout the EU and to allow payment methods from all member countries.

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