Contests, canteens, travel: Castex specifies anti-Covid announcements

Jean Castex clarified Thursday morning before the National Assembly of the new restrictions announced the day before by Emmanuel Macron to try to curb the third wave of Covid-19, before a vote which should be marked by a massive boycott of the oppositions.

The consumption of alcohol on public roads will be prohibited, notably announced the Prime Minister.

While nurseries and schools will close for three to four weeks, including one to two weeks of distance learning and two weeks of unified vacation throughout the territory, he said that the compelling reasons allowing trips outside his department will include ” those linked to a family reason, such as accompanying or picking up a child from a parent, grandparent or relative. “

The higher education competitions planned for the next four weeks “will be maintained” and their organizational conditions “adapted”. Examinations that cannot be done at a distance will, on the other hand, be “postponed as much as possible” to “the month of May”.

The government also intends to help “modest families whose children will no longer go to the canteen or will no longer be able to benefit from free breakfasts”, promised Jean Castex, with specific terms “in the coming days”.

A year of measures against the waves of Covid-19 (AFP – Sofiane OUANES)

Started at 9:00 am in a stormy atmosphere, the Prime Minister’s statement “on the evolution of the health situation and the measures necessary to respond to it” is followed by a debate and a vote in the two chambers of parliament.

Opposition from the right (LR) as from the left (LFI, PS, PCF) announced that they would not take part in the vote, denouncing a “trampling of parliament” called upon to vote on measures already taken by the executive.

These new measures are “necessary to allow us to take a step forward, hopefully a last step, in the perspective of the massive deployment of vaccination and a return to a normal life”, justified Jean Castex.

“There is no opposition between the political power and the medical power, we take the greatest account of the opinions, the analyzes, the models and the forecasts of the experts, scientific and medical councils”, he has also underlined while the executive is accused of having delayed in tightening the screw when scientists and opposition from right as from left called it.

Jean Castex condemned “without reserve” those who do not respect “the sanitary rules”, targeting in particular the participants in recent “festive gatherings” or those refusing the wearing of the mask, who will have to be prosecuted “systematically” by the prosecution.

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