Conversational robots like ChatGPT invite themselves to search engines.

(ETX Daily Up) – The ChatGPT phenomenon could overshadow Google and other companies. With everything answered, it is the perfect complement to traditional search engines. Smart guys have already developed solutions to add this type of tool to your favorite search engine.

Recall that ChatGPT is a revolutionary conversational robot that can answer any question, whether it be relevant, cultural or even philosophical, comment on the text or even create it on any topic. This revolutionary tool is available to everyone free of charge on the website of its publisher OpenAI, where you can ask any questions.

In fact, it directly competes with search engines. Google, the search engine benchmark, is apparently not going to stop there and has already announced that it is working on a variety of practical tools using artificial intelligence to counter ChatGPT.

Either way, it’s now possible to take advantage of Google’s ChatGPT using the extensions available in Chrome and Firefox. They look like a small window displayed to the right of the results, integrating ChatGPT’s response to the original query. Another extension available on the GitHub collaborative platform allows you to use it even through any search engine, not just Google. In any case, you obviously need a (free) OpenAI account to be able to use it.

But ChatGPT is also emulated like the search engine, which recently integrated its own YouChat robot, an AI-powered module capable of answering common questions as well as suggesting solutions or summarizing text, all in natural language. YouChat is already available in several languages, including French and English, and complements its responses with one or more helpful links to deepen your query.

But apart from search engines, ChatGPT is now (almost) everywhere. That’s how extensions already let you use it to write emails or work in your favorite word processor. Twitter accounts allow you to get answers even without an OpenAI account!

Discover this online tool that can recognize texts created with ChatGPT.

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