Converting movie slides to digital photos

If you have a lot of slides from old movies that you would like to convert into digital photos, you might be interested in a new project created by YouTuber Scott Lawrence. An automated film slide conversion system was created using a little Arduino programming along with a DLSR camera to capture slides as digital photos. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the unique Arduino project that can convert 140 movie slides into digital photos in just 10 minutes.

Convert slides to digital photos

This is my Arduino based slide controller/capture system. At its core, this is:

– Arduino Leonardo (SS Micro) as brains
– 7segment, 6digit display
– Adafruit I2C rotary encoder/switch/neopixel
– IR LED for Nikon Remote Trigger
– Nikon D70 with zoom/macro lens and 2x telephoto lens
– Kodak Carousel 760
– LED lamp Ulanzi 49
– 3D printed elements: Carousel Remote Connector, Lens Adapter, LED Panel Supports, Frosted Plastic Support, IR LED Holder, Project Case Cover.

Short version: put a tray or stack of slides on top, make sure the camera is pointed at it, focused, and manual exposure set correctly (I used 320 ISO, f/22, shutter speed 1/10s). ) and start the controller. wait 10 minutes and all 140 slides are shot!

To learn more about the project that converts slides into digital photos, visit the official Arduino website by clicking on the link below.

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