Cooking oil instead of diesel fuel, an alternative soon to be allowed in France –

What if a barrel of used oil could replace a barrel of oil? It’s been particularly trendy in the news lately to recycle used vegetable oil, which is used either as fuel for the A380 or as coolant for the French data center.

You may smile imagining that the brazier becomes the main supplier of biofuel feedstock for diesel cars, but this is nevertheless a proposal made by Julien Bayou, MP for Europe Eco-Green after receiving government support.

Diesel is not the only fuel for diesel cars

There have long been alternatives that allow consumers to lower their bill. You can drive “red” (off-road diesel), heating oil, or just add cooking oil mixed with diesel.

But These practices are completely prohibited., at least for now. Indeed, users are required to use the approved fuel specified in the customs code (only they are authorized to carry out the approved test and issue a ticket in case of verification).

With this measure, France could catch up with its European neighbors, many of which were already fueling diesel with oil.

When economics rhymes with ecology

According to the deputy, up to 8 liters of biofuel can be obtained from 10 liters of waste oil. A fuel that will emit 90% less greenhouse gases (plants absorb CO2 during their life cycle, the overall balance is better than using fossil fuels) than conventional diesel fuel, but contains fewer fine particles.

Another benefit is that this will allow for the creation of a recycling scheme for waste that is particularly difficult to eliminate when creating local jobs. This measure will also reduce the financial pressure on the user by offering cheaper fuel.


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