Coronavirus: 2.63 million additional doses of Modern vaccine to reach South Korea | YONHAP PRESS AGENCY

SEOUL, Oct. 6 (Yonhap) – An additional batch of Moderna Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in South Korea this week, health officials said Wednesday.

A plane carrying about 2.63 million doses of the Moderna vaccine will land at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, around 4:25 p.m. Thursday.

This shipment is part of a contract to supply 40 million doses of Moderna vaccine to South Korea.

South Korea obtained 112,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine in the first half of the year. Approximately 15 million doses arrived in the second half of the year.

With the new installment, South Korea will have received around 18 million doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Seoul will receive a total of around 200 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, produced by international drug makers including Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Janssen and Novavax.

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