Coronavirus: 3.5 million people confined again in Colombia

Just over 5,300 people died from the disease in this country of 50 million, including 1,123 in Bogota.

EAbout 3.5 million people have been strictly confined since Monday in Colombia, faced with the “alarming” rise in the cases of Covid-19 when the pandemic could reach its peak in this country in the coming weeks.

This strict confinement concerns 2.5 million of the eight million inhabitants of Bogota, which concentrates a third of the more than 150,000 cases of Covid-19 confirmed nationally since March 6.

Intensive care completed

Until August 23, strict confinement of 14 days will be imposed in turn, by group of neighborhoods of 2.5 million inhabitants.

Bogota’s intensive care units have reached 90% occupancy and the capital is on red alert.

The country’s second largest city, Medellin, has started to impose similar restrictions, limiting the mobility of one million of its 2.4 million residents until July 28, according to the city hall.

A VAT-free day in the middle of a pandemic

Colombia is the 5th country in Latin America most affected by the pandemic, in number of cases and deaths, after Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

All of Bogota’s residents have already been subjected to strict confinement from March 20 to April 27. Then, under the pressure of the economic crisis, the government of right-wing President Ivan Duque relaxed the measures by authorizing the resumption of certain activities, while extending containment several times, the last until August 1.

In the midst of a health crisis, Mr. Duque authorized a VAT-free day, scheduled before the pandemic and which brought crowds of customers to the shops.



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