Coronavirus: Hundreds of children contract the virus at summer camps in the United States

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More than hundreds of children, who attended a summer camp in the United States, have tested positive for the coronavirus. The young participants did not wear masks on the site.

The facts could prove that very young children could be major propagators of the virus in the population: this Friday, July 31, the American health authorities announced that hundreds of children, placed in summer camp in June in the State of Georgia (United States), had contracted the coronavirus. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), at least 260 young people (out of the 597 registered at this colony) have been infected. Organizations say the numbers are likely understated: only 58% of colony participants were able to get their test results.

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In practice, the holiday camp is singled out for not having complied with the recommendations established by the Centers for the Prevention and Control of Diseases. Indeed, this one had not imposed the wearing of the mask (at least in fabric) to its participants. Only colony staff were encouraged to wear it. However, a decree introduced by the State of Georgia required participants to present a negative Covid-19 test, carried out a maximum of 12 days before entering the holiday camp. Children were also expected to meet social distancing standards. Regular disinfection of surfaces was also planned.

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During the colony, the children were divided into small groups, and all “took part in various indoor and outdoor activities”, explain the authorities, citing for example singing workshops. The participants also slept in cabins that could accommodate a maximum of 26 people.

A staff member with chills

According to the authorities, on June 23, a teenager who was part of the staff at the holiday center, seized with chills, was forced to leave the premises suddenly. When tested, the individual tested positive for the coronavirus. The next day, all the participants were sent home. The site closed its doors on June 27.

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On June 25, an investigation was launched: it was then a question of testing all the young people who were in this colony. Of the 344 tests that were available, 260 were positive. “These data add to the growing evidence showing that children of all ages are likely to be infected with Sars-CoV-2 and, contrary to initial information, could play an important role in transmission,” added the Centers for disease prevention and control


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