Coronavirus: More than 12.4 million cases of infection and 557,790 deaths worldwide | TRT French

The number of infections with the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) is 12 million 408 thousand and that of deaths linked to the virus, more than 557,790. More than 7 million 237 thousand cases of recovery have been reported worldwide.

The assessment of the coronavirus in the United States, epicenter of the epidemic, reports more than 135,828 deaths and 3 million 220 thousand cases of contamination. A reporter participating in press briefings held Monday and Tuesday at the White House, tested positive for coronavirus. Covered in anonymity, the reporter wore a mask and showed no symptoms while in the White House. A screening test is carried out daily for reporters admitted to the presidential palace.

In Brazil, the second country most affected by the virus, 69,254 deaths from the coronavirus were recorded, including 1,220 in 24 hours. 1 million 759 thousand Brazilians have contracted the virus.

Mexico deplores 33,526 deaths, including 730 in 24 hours, as well as 282,283 cases of contamination.

In England, the European epicenter of the epidemic, 44,602 people died of the coronavirus, including 85 in 24 hours. 287,621 cases were recorded, including 642 in 24 hours.

In Italy, the death toll increased to 34,854 deaths and 241,419 cases of coronavirus contamination. Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has warned that the impact of the pandemic, which has hit the country hard, will be felt in the fall. The Italian economy is estimated to decline 12-13% this year.

In France, 29,979 people lost their lives following Covid-19, including 14 in 24 hours. 205,246 French people are contaminated by the coronavirus, following 621 new cases.

In Spain, 28,401 deaths have been recorded, including ten in one week. 253,056 cases of contamination were confirmed, with 241 new cases.

In Portugal, the death toll is 1,644 deaths, including 13 in the past 24 hours, and 45,277 cases of contamination, with 418 new cases.


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