Coronavirus: Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still very successful in Drome and Ardèche

Should the Covid-19 vaccine be given faster for people under 55 years old without any strings attached? The controversy is escalating as the Pfizer and Moderna serum vaccine niches are struggling to find a consumer in certain regions, especially Ile-de-France. But in Drome and Ardèche, the question does not even arise: on the platforms of online appointments, all niches with Pfizer or Moderna are gone this week 26 April. And this is even if the supply of doses has increased. For example, a total of 3,600 injections are planned for this week at Valence Hospital, 1,800 in the Étoile-sur-Rhône center, 1,400 in the Guillerand-Grange center and over 2,000 in Aubin.

“We have no problem filling Pfizer niches, they are leaving at breakneck speed.– explains Julien Alloin, director of the center Étoile-sur-Rhône. We opened 1,500 appointments for the next week, and almost all of them were gone in a matter of hours. “” Next week’s appointments are being recorded as usual. “– confirms Claude Leicher, co-organizer of the Valencia Vaccination Center.

“I see no reason to expand vaccination among us now, as we have completed the vaccination process for priority audiences and are still in the process.”– adds Julien Alloin. Of young people could take the place of the previously priority audience, especially since among the most vulnerable there are still people who need to be vaccinated. Example: Only 40% of people aged 60-64 received a dose of the vaccine at Drome-Ardèche.

AstraZeneca still does not attract

On the side of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which in extremely rare cases causes thrombosis, on the contrary it is not difficult to find a niche for vaccination in Drome and Ardèche. In the center of Étoile-sur-Rhone, more than a quarter of appointments are empty This week. The primary vaccination operation will not be resumed on the third Saturday as the first two were unsuccessful. “We’re starting to wonder if we should stop the first Astrazeneca injections and replace them with Pfizer.”, regrets Julien Alloin.

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