Coronavirus: Server Vaccination Great Advertising for Nice Restaurant Owners

Our employees and employees are young, most of them are between 25 and 30 years old, and for this age group we do not have the opportunity to get vaccinated. “ explains Noel Ajuri, president of the 06 Alliance of Hospitality Professionals. “And if we follow the evolution of vaccinations by age … we are still far from getting there, and therefore are far from ready to receive tourists on time from mid-May!”

UMIH 06 launches call to employees and employees of 2800 establishments from the Riviera (including 650 restaurateurs from Nice) “we cannot force them to do this, but we will try to convince them “…” and you understand, it will be a great advertisement for Nice, because foreign tourists love health safety! “

Give us 4000 unused doses in Nice

The union also refers to prefect and elected officials of the Alpes-Maritimes set up this vaccination. The mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti, has now requested an expedited vaccination for seasonal workers.

Noelle Azuri adds: “instead of leaving 4000 unused doses in the fridge in Nice last weekend, we take them ! »Due to the bitter failure of the Nice Exhibition Center, which vaccinated only 60 out of 4,000 people. The failure is due to the lack of confidence in the AstraZénéca vaccine proposed that day.

“We want to reopen our terraces as soon as possible, and all terraces ! Until May 15, if possible (…) and we can be ready in 15 days, as soon as we have the green light, this is the time it takes to order from our wholesalers … Our troops are assembled even if there were several deserters in the state, we have many candidates for re-employment! “

Coffee shops are closed from 28 October 2020.

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