Coronavirus: vaccination is open from Saturday for “fragile” persons over 18 years of age with concomitant diseases

Guest of franceinfo this Friday, Minister of Health Olivier Veran announced that vaccinations will begin on Saturday, May 1, for people over 18 years old. “fragile“This includes people with obesity, as well as people with diabetes, kidney or heart failure and cancer. This applies to more than 4 million people in France. On Thursday, Emmanuel Macron announced in the regional press that vaccination was open to all obese people over 18 years of age. age “.But of course we are also opening up vaccinations for people with underlying medical conditions.said Olivier Veran.

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Rule my choice

With almost 550.00 vaccinations, we broke the record yesterday (Thursday). Today we are still going to have a large number of vaccinations.“said the minister.”Yesterday we increased the number of DOCTOLIB appointments by 84%.“adds Olivier Veran before pointing out.”4 million highly vulnerable French people haven’t made an appointment yet“.

550,000 people vaccinated on Thursday – new record

On the other hand, the minister ruled out mass vaccination of the entire population. “I fully understand the demands of young people who want to protect themselves. I’m just saying that if we say to 40 million French people today, “You can make an appointment,” while out of the 550,000 vaccinations given yesterday, there may be 10,000 vaccinations that have not yet matched the frail elderly. You understand the deceptive effect, the cork effect. And that doesn’t make vaccination centers as a service to see masses of people pour into them.“- says Olivier Veran.

In June, July and August, we will need a lot of French people wanting to get vaccinated, even if the epidemic seems to be behind us or the circulation of the virus is low. This means that this desire must be maintained over time. We are accelerating again to the maximum we can based on the doses delivered to us, and the good news will continue to flow, week after week.“, – the minister concludes.

Olivier Veran defends AstraZeneca vaccine

The health minister has also once again defended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has raised high suspicions following the discovery of cases of thrombosis. “Yesterday (Thursday) about 45,000 French people received an AstraZeneca injection. We talk a lot about mistrust, but not enough about the tens of thousands of doctors, pharmacists, nurses who vaccinate many French people in the city every day with AstraZeneca. We are not in a situation that could appear in the press, we did not stop at vaccination, it even tends to increase in recent days.“assured Olivier Veran.

In Germany, some regions open AstraZeneca injections without age restrictions, but after explaining the risks and signing a waiver. “I turned to the Supreme Authority Santa on this issue with the question of whether this could be offered to the French. Waiting for an answer. At this point, the first echoes I have are not necessarily very excited about this idea. Perhaps we can take a decision in this direction and give the French freedom of choice by providing them with clear, fair and relevant information.“, – explained Olivier Veran.

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