Coronavirus: What Vaccines Are Under Development?

Mambisa, Soberana, QazVac …These are the names of several Covid-19 vaccines developed around the world. Because it’s not just the big American and European groups that have started the vaccine race. Kazakhstan, for example, has just unveiled its QazVac.

Two doses three weeks apart, exposure between 3 and 8 degrees. The first doses were introduced to Kazakhstanis last Monday.… Health authorities are promoting an efficiency of 96%. This vaccine has unlikely to come to France as it is officially still undergoing clinical trials. So far, only half of the results are known, and they have not yet become a reason for scientific publications.

But, given the good results of the first tests, the Kazakh authorities decided skip certain steps and start mass vaccinations. One of the first to receive the dose was the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan. He did it live on TV, when it came out, he said, “I feel good.”

Cuba, India and Iran continue vaccine race

Kazakhstan is not the only country that has developed its own vaccine. In fact, there are a lot of vaccine candidates. According to WHO, 92 vaccines are under development in about sixty countries. This is new.

In Cuba, for example, four research programs are underway and two are in phase III, that is, clinical trials will begin. Caribbean island may very well get vaccinated with your own vaccine since June… Then it will become the first vaccine manufactured and manufactured in Latin America. And Cuba sees it big: the country hopes to produce 100 million doses this year.

Other countries also participate in the race: India, Indonesia, El Salvador and Iran. The latter is also developing three different vaccines. Everything is in phase III, that is, in human trials.

Ability to take advantage of these countries

Such competition on the vaccination front can of course be explained desire to be the firstto sell most of their vaccine. But this is also the way put yourself on the level of great powers : Kazakhstan, for example, became the fifth country to develop a vaccine, after China, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

For more modest countries, this is primarily a question autonomous and from safe doses of the vaccine… In Iran, for example, vaccination with doses of Covax, this large dose distribution system around the world, is being rolled back due to US sanctions against that country. Thus, Tehran, with its vaccine, frees itself from the great powers. The same for Nigeria with a $ 25 million investment run his vaccine.

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