Could car parks be the new Eldorado for shady shops? – Problems

When you enter the Indigo car park on the Île de la Cite, you think you are entering an underground car park like everyone else. Several green arrow signs draw our attention. And then, going down inland, you notice electric cargo bikes where you expect to find cars. We go into a small secret door to our left. The light intensifies, reflects on the white walls, the temperature drops a few degrees, couriers in sheep’s wool rush past … We are in a completely legal dark store, on the chicest Ile de la Cité in Paris, led by mon-, a subsidiary of Prosol (Grand Frais) – The brand, however, prefers to use the term “preparatory workshop”, given that it does not refer to the area of ​​the dark store associated with fast-commercial players (Getir, Gopuff, Flink…). The device is amazing. Yet it could develop with the imminent release of a government regulation aimed at limiting the creation of dark stores, those warehouses where e-commerce delivery companies reload their inventory.

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In particular, the decree prohibits the qualification of dark shops in the eyes of local city authorities as enterprises. Therefore, de facto they will be considered warehouses. The technical looking modification will actually have very specific consequences, as it will prevent the creation of dark shops in the places envisaged by the local urban plans for shops: in the ground floor places, in the city center, on shopping streets. . In Paris, a symbolic example with its 100 dark stores, the local city plan forbids warehouses in apartment buildings. And if today many dark shops, qualifying as commerce, bypass the obstacle, then with the decree this will no longer be possible – except when fast merchants arrive through express lobbying to weigh the scales (see sidebar at the end of the article).

“The parking lots have empty floors”

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