Country of Montbéliard. Covid-19 vaccine: its first injection is questioned for an incredible reason

“So, I managed to get vaccinated on March 8 at 15.05 in Kunheim in Alsace without even being there. Officially, I’m a wizard. ” Olivier, 48, laughed at this Tuesday afternoon, but the misadventure he had endured throughout the morning was mildly agitated.

This Sochaux resident, overweight and diabetic and having had seven pneumothoraxes in the past three years, did not consider, despite these factors, an appropriate age for vaccination at this time, “which also requires me. general communication during this pandemic. ” So, almost by accident, visiting a government website, he answers a quick questionnaire … and learns that he is eligible for the first injection of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

“I was shocked, as was my doctor.”

“I am looking forward to this vaccine, I need to go outside and I want to exercise without fear,” he says. This Tuesday morning, he goes to his primary care physician … who freezes, examining his computer closely. “But you’ve already been vaccinated,” she wonders. “I was as shocked as she was, I assured her that it was not, but she showed me the document: it had my name, name and social security number listed from the Alsatian center in Kunheim.”

Leaving his doctor with a prescription confirming that he is eligible … but reassuring that he will be denied at any center until the computer error is corrected, Olivier then moves heaven and earth over the phone for several hours. The Primary Health Insurance Fund Reserved for Professionals (CPAM Pro), the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Dijon, the Alsatian doctor who is due to vaccinate him on March 8, the Colmar and Kunheim centers all receive desperate and increasingly angry responses from Sochalien.

Finally, a meeting this Saturday in Montbéliard.

“Some passed the child over to each other, others did not know what to answer … until the phone call from ARS Dijon. One gentleman explained to me that he passed on information, that the error might have been due to an error in entering the social security number into the software, and that I could make an appointment at any center without risking being driven away. ”

Thus, Olivier will receive his first dose this Saturday. eh May, in Montbéliard. “But I have a thought for the elderly or those who are worse than me: if they find themselves in the same situation, I don’t know if they have the strength to deal with such a hellish situation.”

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