Court orders Twitter to provide more data to Elon Musk

The judge ruled that it was “justified” to ask Twitter for “certain additional data.”pattern: nda

Recall that the billionaire accuses the social network of lying about the number of fake accounts and spam present on the platform.

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The judge who is to decide whether to force Elon Musk to buy Twitter ordered the platform on Thursday to provide a little more data to allow the entrepreneur to possibly substantiate his allegations:

“But not the ‘absurd’ volume he asked for”

Judge presiding over the case

9000 accounts

So he asked the Justice of the Peace to force Twitter to share much more information about its users, calculation methods, and performance criteria. After hearing both sides on Wednesday, the judge ruled in a ruling released Thursday that it was “justified” to ask Twitter for “certain additional data” ahead of the trial scheduled for October.

Thus, she ordered the social network to provide information about the 9,000 accounts that were used to check for fake accounts and spam in the fourth quarter of 2021, as well as the method used to select these accounts. Twitter, arguing that it could violate data protection, the judge ruled that a limited number of people – lawyers and data analysts – have access to them.

The judge also ordered Twitter to provide slightly more data on the group’s performance metric, the number of so-called “monetizable” daily active users, to the detriment of other, a priori, less favorable criteria.

The judge, however, did not grant all of Elon Musk’s requests, deeming them to be “absurdly vast” and would include “billions and billions” of data.

Let’s stay on the planet Musk:

In another decision, also released on Thursday, the judge ordered the billionaire to provide his own experts’ analysis of fake accounts and spam based on an initial set of data provided by Twitter to justify the purchase. social network. (ac / ch)

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