COVID-19: 38 new cases, almost all in the Center du Quebec

LMRC de Drummond remains the leader with 15 new cases. It was again followed by MRC d’Arthabaska with 11 new cases. For its part, the MRC de l’Erable recorded five cases, while Becancourt’s case recorded three.

North of the Laviolette Bridge, two cases have been identified in Trois Rivieres, one in Chavinigana and the other in Market Report Muskinonge.

At the Center du Quebec, the number of active cases increased by nine. The opposite happens with Morisi, because there were three fewer of them on Saturday. CIUSSS has nearly five times as many active COVID-19 cases in the Center du Quebec as in Maurice (248 versus 56).

Regional Public Health also called on the populations of the RCMs of Drummond, Arthabasca and Erable to “be very vigilant” on Friday in the face of this upward trend, which is accompanied by multiple outbreaks.

The outbreak is also continuing in ward 5A of the Hôtel-Dieu d’Arthabaska hospital in Victoriaville. Two employees and seven users of this device have contracted COVID-19. In Trois-Rivieres, the outbreak also broke out at the Continuous Assistance Resource for ID-ASD in Pointe du Lac, where two users and one staff member contracted the disease. Please note that this data is for April 30th and is not updated by CIUSSS on weekends.

Two new hospitalizations

There were two additional hospitalizations on Saturday, totaling 14. However, only two people remained in intensive care, one less than on Friday.

CIUSSS has no regrets about the new deaths associated with the pandemic. Since the start of the third wave on March 21, 2021, three people have died due to COVID-19, according to regional health authorities.

There are currently 36 officially reported cases of British varieties of the strain in the region. According to the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, in the region over the past seven days, the average rate of variant positivity was 94.4%.

As of Saturday, 198,486 doses of the vaccine have been dispensed at Maurice and the Center du Quebec. Remember, vaccination will become available to the entire population aged 16 and over within two weeks.

In conclusion, the Trois-Rivieres police released 10 allegations of wrongdoing against people gathered in a private home on the night from Friday to Saturday. It should also be recalled that demonstrations were organized in some cities in Quebec on Saturday to condemn the health emergency. However, nothing was planned in the region, at least according to the organizers’ Facebook page.

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