COVID-19: 57 New Cases and One Death in 24 Hours in Alberta | Coronavirus

The average number of positive cases over the past seven days is 2.01%.

In hospitals, the number of patients with COVID-19 continues to decline, reaching 200 cases, but 54 patients are in intensive care since yesterday.

As of June 21, 3 854 208 doses of the vaccine have been administered. Up to 70.8% of the eligible population received at least one dose, and 30.4% completed immunization.

One death has been reported in Alberta since Monday. However, after verification, authorities determined that the three previously reported deaths were not related to COVID-19. As a result, the total number of deaths in Alberta drops to 2,290.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Alberta’s chief health officer, Dr.Dina Hinshaw, recalled that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are used interchangeably and it is safe and effective to take any dose.

She also encourages people who have already contracted COVID-19 to get vaccinated anyway to ensure maximum protection.

Authorities also said they would stop reporting the number of cases and doses of vaccine given over the weekend.

Transition period

Alberta is now entering a transition phase. Dr. Dina Hinshaw argues that wearing a mask will remain mandatory in certain places and where the risk of transmission is higher, such as in taxis or public transport.

“Albertans will have to adapt and learn to live with the virus without the measures that have been applied in the past 16 months,” says Dr. Hinshaw.

Feelings of anxiety and insecurity are normal as we are in a transitional phase.

Quote from:Dina Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta

The government is still discussing which measures will remain in place after the start of the third phase of the opening. It ensures that authorities continue to track data on the virus and its variants.

At this point, if we look at what we know about England, for example, it is that even if the number of cases increased, especially among those who were not vaccinated, the number of hospitalizations did not really increase and mainly concerns the unvaccinated. of people., she said.

The chief health officer explains that if the discovery leads to a significant increase in hospital admissions, the government will reconsider the situation, but due to the high vaccination rate, the actions taken will not be the same as in the past. …

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