Covid-19: A model that predicts the frequency of vaccination reminders – Science et Avenir

How long until the next booster shot against Covid-19? The answer depends on the vaccine, the variant, as well as the health status of the patient. For a healthy individual, the immune protection provided by an mRNA booster vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna) will last more than a year, concludes a US study based on mathematical modeling of the effects of the vaccine. On the other hand, for patients at increased risk due to cancer or weakened immunity, revaccination should be carried out much more frequently.

Mathematical model of the impact of the virus on the immune system

“It is still unclear how long booster doses confer immunity, how effective they are against emerging variants, or how to tailor vaccination schedules in high-risk populations,” the researchers summarize in their study, published in the journal PNAS. To see more clearly, the team decided to model the effects of vaccines according to the options and condition of patients receiving boosters using a “mechanistic” mathematical model.

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