Covid-19: a prevention system for the most vulnerable

Approximately 200 homeless people receive support from Acise – Samu social, 80 are accommodated in accommodation centers in Martinique. Fragile people in a precarious situation who are subject to special monitoring in this period of health crisis. At the request of the Regional Health Agency, Acise and the cooperation group Case have created a health system that offers support and screening to the homeless.

Arrived at Terres Sainville, Mr. Bastien is there. As agreed the day before, the nurse in the mobile health unit can perform the antigen test. An important Covid screening for him.

While waiting for the results, the team begins the discussion. Other people in a precarious situation approach. The prowler Acise passes by here every day. Coffee, snacks, talks … since mid-August, a caregiver has accompanied them to talk about Covid prevention and offer them screening tests. Sometimes the question of the vaccine is raised.

In one week, the team of the mobile health unit meets with around fifty people who live on the street … it also addresses the beneficiaries housed in accommodation centers and supported by Acise.

Some are worried, for others, like Claude, it is almost a ritual. Diabetic, he knows that he is more fragile in the face of Covid and is regularly screened.

This morning, of the 5 antigenic tests carried out, none were positive. But the concern is there. Also on the streets, this fourth wave of the epidemic was much more violent than the previous ones.

And for everything related to the care and aspect of health. It is the CASE cooperation group that lends a hand to Acise

The operation started by the Regional Health Agency will continue until mid-October. But cooperation between the two organizations could therefore go much further.

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