COVID-19 Affected Companies Condemn Lack of Information

On Thursday, the Sherbrooke Food Validation Center and O’Chevreuil Restaurant learned that one of their employees who had symptoms of COVID-19 was being tested.

From that moment on, those companies that wanted to act quickly were faced with the unknown. We raised the flag because we didn’t know where we were going and what to do with our employees.– explains Charles-Emmanuelle Parisot, co-owner of the O’Chevreuil restaurant.

He claims that neither the ministry, the CNESST, nor the public health have been able to provide him with information for immediate intervention.

We were a little shocked, because we felt that we were actually not in prevention, but in fire extinguishing mode, when we wanted to start moving.

Quote from:Sophie Vashon, Administrative Director of the Food Valorization Center

For its part, public health indicates that the CNESST is responsible for responding to companies prior to initiating an epidemiological investigation.

In the absence of a response from CNESST, O’Chevreuil decided to close its doors preventively until Wednesday. This decision, which results in significant financial losses for the company, was made for the benefit of the team and customers, not knowing if such a draconian measure was necessary.

However, both entrepreneurs welcome the public health assistance from the very beginning of the epidemiological investigation, 48 hours after the employee went to the verification center.

However, they think it would be nice to have more information online to intervene when an employee shows symptoms. They believe the telephone line can also help these entrepreneurs find answers to their questions.

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