COVID-19: Alberta Considers Lawsuits Against Rodeo Organizers

Alberta health officials are considering a lawsuit against the organizers of the rodeo, which brought together hundreds of people in Bowden, amid an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases, forcing the province to suspend parliamentary hearings.

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A demonstration of unsanitary restrictions planned from March this weekend has been qualified as illegal by the Ministry of Health, which has warned the organizers.

“It is disappointing that the organizers ignored this information and proceeded with the event knowing that it was in flagrant violation of current health restrictions,” said Alberta Health Services, according to Global. News.

The public health service says it is exploring the possibility of bringing legal action.

Prime Minister Jason Kenny, who expressed concern, condemned the event. “It is alarming that a large number of people gathered in Bowden this weekend and have flagrantly violated public health measures related to COVID-19,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Personally, I’m annoyed and saddened that so many people selfishly prefer their desires to others,” Kenny said.

Alberta reported 1,731 new cases and three new deaths in the latest COVID-19 report released Sunday.

This is in addition to the 2,433 registered the day before, which is why the provincial government suspended parliamentary work for at least two weeks.


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