COVID-19: Alberta Plans Triage in Intensive Care Units

A memo has been sent to the appropriate staff and an appointment is made for Friday.

According to the note, the new structure will be used for selection when allocating resources for lead the response in a catastrophic situation where the need for urgent care exceeds available resources

The fact that they are going to hold a meeting to inform people about this protocol this week suggests that they think the situation could get much worse.said former Alberta Chief Health Officer James Talbot, who is also co-chair of the Edmonton Area Medical Personnel Association’s COVID-19 strategy committee.

He believes this is the first time the Alberta Health Service (AHS) has informed staff about these protocols since the start of the pandemic.

Once the protocol is activated, it will be used to decide who gets a bed and who gets a ventilator. For example, if you are in a situation where you have five COVID-19 patients who need a ventilator and there are only three of them, how do you choose who gets them?, – the doctor specifies.

As of Wednesday, 643 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in the province, including 145 in intensive care.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Prime Minister Jason Kenny said he knew thatAHS worked to update these existing triage protocols so that Alberta could add 425 additional intensive care beds if needed.

To be clear, right now we have the ability to deal with this spike in cases.

Quote from:Jason Kenny, Premier of Alberta

“We can’t take it for granted,” says Mr. Kenny, “but we’ve worked very hard on it. AHS to give them all the resources they need to increase their intensive care capacity

Alberta Health Service spokesman Kerry Williamson says:AHS currently does not intend to activate new protocols.

AHS has adequate facilities for the treatment of patients in hospital and intensive care. We are constantly monitoring the number of cases and preparing our health care system to meet demand.– said in a statement Kerry Williamson.

AHS said on Tuesday that it plans to cut up to 30% of planned operations in Calgary, Edmonton and the northern regions over the next two weeks due to the pandemic.

According to James Talbot, Alberta should introduce stricter measures and speed up vaccinations to limit the spread of: If something is not done to change the curve, it is only a matter of time before we eventually exceed the capacity of hospitals in Alberta.

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