Covid-19: almost a quarter of patients have persistent health problems

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The poll in the United States – the largest ever to examine the long-term effects of the disease – is alarming: almost a quarter of people who become infected with Covid-19 face health problems they did not previously know about.

  • Almost a quarter of Covid patients have persistent health problems

According to a large study by the independent organization Fair Health, which analyzed the medical data of almost two million people, about a quarter of people who become infected with Covid-19, after a month or more, face health problems that did not exist before they were infected. Americans have been hit by the virus.

The main problems were pain (neuralgia, muscle pain …) in 5% of people and difficulty breathing in 3.5% of cases, followed by hypertension, malaise or extreme fatigue, anxiety, and then intestinal problems.

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  • The coronavirus has been present in the US since December 2019.

The coronavirus responsible for Covid-19 has been present in the United States since at least December 2019, weeks before the first confirmed case in January 2020, according to a new study published Tuesday.

  • Restrictions lifted in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that more than 70% of adults in New York State have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, lifting the latest restrictions.

  • Republicans demand dismissal of popular White House adviser on anti-Covid

Republican elected officials in the U.S. Congress called on Tuesday to fire White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci, Donald Trump’s pet peeve, for his management of the Covid-19 pandemic. This text has no chance of being approved in a Democratic-controlled Congress.

  • Copa America: 53 Covid-19 cases identified

This was announced on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health of Brazil, the host country of the competition, with a total of 53 people testing positive for coronavirus from all delegations participating in the America’s Cup.

  • South Africa strengthens measures against the third wave

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday night stepped up measures against the coronavirus, extending the curfew by an hour and introducing stricter controls on alcohol sales in the face of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • France: start of vaccination of adolescents

Vaccination of adolescents has become possible since Tuesday in France with the aim of boosting French herd immunity against Covid-19 and the threat of new variants like Delta.

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  • More than 3.8 million dead

Since the end of December 2019, the pandemic has killed more than 3,813,990 people worldwide, according to a report obtained by AFP from official sources on Tuesday at 10:00 am GMT.

After the United States, which killed 600,263, the countries with the highest death tolls are Brazil (490,696), India (377,031), Mexico (230,187) and Peru (188,921).

These figures, based on daily reports from national health authorities, tend to be underestimates. According to WHO estimates, the damage from a pandemic could be two to three times higher than officially registered.

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