COVID-19: Amazon claims to fight against soaring prices

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A Democratic senator has asked Jeff Bezos to act against the exorbitant prices of products like masks. (Photo: 123RF)

Amazon said on Thursday it was fighting the swelling prices of certain products sold on its platform, supposed to protect against the coronavirus, after being arrested by an elected official.

Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ed Markey wrote a letter to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos on Wednesday asking him to act against the exorbitant prices of products like masks and hydroalcoholic gels.

“We agree with Senator Markey: there is no room for inflated prices on Amazon. This is why our teams are monitoring our platform 24 hours a day and have already withdrawn tens of thousands of offers for attempted price inflation, “an Amazon spokesperson told AFP.

“We regret that malicious actors are trying to take advantage of this global health crisis and, in addition to withdrawing these offers, we are closing accounts,” added the spokesperson.

In his letter, Markey called on the online giant to respond to the growing demand from concerned consumers about the spread of the viral pneumonia epidemic.

“Although Amazon and other sellers on Amazon have the right to expect satisfactory profits from the products they sell, they do not have the right to impose abnormally high prices on consumers who seek to protect yourself from the coronavirus, ”said Markey.

The senator cited in particular a recent article in the Financial Times having identified masks from the American manufacturer 3M sold more than 25 times more expensive than their normal price or a pack of antiseptic gel of the brand Purell proposed at 400 dollars against 10 dollars ordinarily .

Amazon said last week that it had taken steps to remove products from its site that falsely claim to cure the new coronavirus or protect it from infection.

The virus, which appeared in China in late December, has killed more than 3,300 people in nearly 90 countries.



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